Experiences in Rage

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Experiences in Rage

Post  AKMARK5000 on Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:29 am

No, not road rage or rant n' rage or a temper-tantrum, the Rage that I am talking about is a PC video game.  So, at face value, while viewing the cover and description, is yet another "apocalyptic aftermath story."  What you get is not exactly an in-depth story at all.  In fact, the story is nothing more than an introductory move, and a shallow one at that.  So what you do get are some smooth game mechanics and excellent graphics.

Rage is just a pick-up and play sort of game.  It does not require the player to get deeply involved with adherence to an on-going storyline because the characters are superficial.  It is playing a fun game without worrying when you last saved the game.   You could go days in-between playing sessions and not really miss a whole lot.



No button master here, the game controls are pretty easy to figure out.  As a console port, the Rage controls seem to translate nicely (keep in mind this is a PC version review).

I was initially disappointed because I always look for a cooperative mode in games.  I heard and read advertisements that said there was not only FPS-shooter elements, nut also RPG elements and a coop mode!  So, I immediately figured it was similar to Dead Island only with a focus on gunfights rather than melee fights like in Borderlands and Fallout.  

Boy, was I wrong.  RPG elements are there, but not as functional as in the previously mentioned games.  I also thought Rage would be a game where it would be possible to seamlessly play the single-player campaign with at least one other human player.  Sadly, after I bought the game, I found out that the cooperative mode follows a totally separate set of maps!  

So, Rage is a failure as a cooperative FPS/RPG game, but it has great aspects as a single-player game.  I purchased it during a STEAM sale.  So, luckily, Rage as a $5-$10 single-player game is not a total bust for me.  

Although Rage is advertised a mixture of RPG and FPS-Shooter, it also has an overall focus on vehicles (dune buggy cars, ATVs), racing and vehicle combat!  Also, note that the videos, particularly the "WTF" video is a little bit dated because many of the issues have been fixed in the current version of the game.

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