Experiences in Warface

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Experiences in Warface

Post  AKMARK5000 on Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:52 pm

A couple years ago some members of the Special Operations Group (=SOG= Gaming Community) looked into a free to play (F2P) game called Warface.  At the time, it was still in a closed beta mode.  Its development involved some of the folks over at Crytek.  Cryteck develops graphically amazing games such as Far Cry.  So, naturally, any gamer would be curious to try the closed beta if they could.

A few of us registered for the closed beta in November 2012 and were lucky enough to receive confirmation emails, which allowed us to play the game in its beta form.  Since all =SOG= members were not involved, interest in Warface dropped.  Fast forward to 2014... a renewed interest in the now fully released Warface exists.

Overall, I've never been a fan of F2P games.  Most F2P games end up with an in-game store or shop.  The items sold there include better equipment, more powerful weapons, character enhancements etc. etc. and they can be bought with an in-game currency or purchased with real world money.  Also, F2P games are almost exclusively developed with a death-match style game play.  

However, Warface changed my preconceived notions about F2P games.  Warface has an excellent COOP mode or person v.s. enemy (PvE) mode... a true cooperative mode... one in which five human players team up against computer controlled enemy AI bots).  Also, did I mention that it is FREE?!

Ok, so, Warface is not Joint Ops-AW2 by any means, but there are soldier classes; each with their own capabilities such as engineer or medic.  Overall, I'd say it is like a mix of Battlefield2-AIX and Joint Ops-AW2... only with much better graphics and some different game mechanics.  For example, medics can heal themselves and other players, engineers can fix damaged vehicles and armer (such as bullet vests) for themselves and team-mates, combat specialists give out ammo to themselves and other players, etc etc.  There are some bugs and navigation menus leave a lot to be desired, but hey, it is a F2P game... expect it.

Here's a few =SOG= cooperative gameplay videos from my YouTube Channel (new ones added occasionally so check it now and again later):

==> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG334Vo8Dag6fL6uI9_iTVt4wXuz-M9Rs

Wareface uses a weird registration system that involves a social application program called G-Face.  No matter which download/play method chosen below, I highly recommend registering for an account first at https://gface.com/

The quickest and easiest way to download and play Warface is through the STEAM gaming platform.

STEAM is free, so why not use it?  Although, Warface can be downloaded and played as a standalone application.

==> http://www.warface.com

Although some of the videos are dated, the overall workings of Warface are demonstrated quite well:

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