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Experiences in Left4Dead

Post  AKMARK5000 on Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:35 am

Mark5: L4D2 Collection 01202013:

I am not running a schedualed server, but I thought I would share my favorite mods. You can subscribe (install) these via browsing the STEAM Left4Dead II Workshop or just make one stop to "Mark5: L4D2 Collection 1" for all the mods in one location!.

* The configuration changes, so, be aware of the title and date! The number after the title is actually a date.
For example, Server Mod Configuration 01132013... the 01 = month; 13 = day; 2013 = year.

*You "subscribe" to all these individual mods separately. Start the game and at the game's main menu, choose ADD-ONS. This presents a list of your installed mods and next to each is a fill-in box... click each one, if the box is filled then the mod is Activated... if the box is empty the the mod is Deactivated.

My Server Mod Configuration is as follows... Activate or Deactivate as noted in the brackets next to the mod title...

TUMTaRA [Activated]
Created by MrFunreal ~ Dr. Stein
The Ultimate Mod Testing and Reviewing Area...

Ten inventory slots [Activated]
Created by sableagle
So many hard choices to make: medkit or defib? Medkit or ammo pack? Use the health kit or use deploy the ammo? Which grenade to take? Make it easy for yourself with one slot for each item. Ammo packs and grenades will be in off-screen slots accessed via ...

ALL melee weapons in ALL official campaigns [Activated]
Created by StixsmasterHD
Get access to ALL melee weapons you want in ALL official campaigns. This mod supports all 11 official melee weapons and several weapon pack mods. Host a local game and if anyone's to join and does not have this mod installed themselves it shall not matte...

Tight chrome shotgun buckshot [Activated]
Created by sableagle
Give the chrome shotgun Federal #1 buckshot in their Flight Control Wad for tight patterns in dead zombies. Also give it the same carried-ammo capacity as the auto-shotguns....

Call of Duty MW2 weapons sound pack (no bleeps) [Activated]
Created by Nigel Farage on Youtube
This is modified COD MW2 weapon sound pack originally made by Spybreak001 (more info here http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=14961)

Ladder for Survivors [Activated]
Created by o_O
Survivor can see infected ladder...

Left 4 Noob - Online [Activated]
Created by Mickey McMxyzptlk
Left 4 Noob makes the game more fun.
You get infinite ammo, low gravity. Long pipebomb timers, faster revive. Alot more features to make the game fun. You can also host a Local Server game.
Play in Solo - Coop - Realism - Survival. Can be played in...

M10 smg .45ACP [Activated]
Created by sableagle
The silenced SMG, Ingram's M10 machine pistol, in .45 ACP variant. Just slightly more effective than the 9mm, doing 30x40 damage to the 9mm's 32x36. The original does 50x25. As in real life, this is best aimed by inserting the muzzle into your target's le...

M4 autoshotgun slugs [Activated]
Created by sableagle
Real-world M4 shotgun's capacity: 6 in the magazine and one in the chamber. 12-gauge slugs' real-world effect: one big holes right through EVERYTHING that gets in the way. Try it on a Tank....

Melee Weapon Unlock Mod [Activated]
Created by Master Spark
Unlock all melee weapons on all valve maps! And: Added Counter-Strike: Source knife on all valve maps!...

Melee while Downed [Activated]
Created by IcEmAn911
simply allows you to use melee weapons while downed... no more falling down with a melee weapon and all of a sudden you got a pistol in your hand. (works for single player and for local server as well as custom servers). Herbie confirmed: this works on cu...

Pump shotgun slugs [Activated]
Created by sableagle
For those times when blowing 9 big holes in 1 zombie at a time doesn't cut it, try blowing 1 VERY big hole in 9 zombies at a time....

SPAS12 autoshotgun slugs [Activated]
Created by sableagle
Turn the big, black SPAS-12 autoshotgun into ... well ... the Magnum on steroids. 9-round capacity is nearly enough to take out the Tank on Medium without a reload. Nearly....

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