Server Required Map Files

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Server Required Map Files

Post  AKMARK5000 on Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:50 pm

This file extensions article attempts to define what files are needed and are not needed to run a map on a server (no extended detailed explanations).

So, if you see "required" then do not delete it; it goes into the server's game folder along with the other map files. If you see "optional" then the file is not necessary for the map to function properly.

.aip = This is simply an AI perimeters file required to control special events and AI behavior within the map.

.bin = This is required to display in-game textual data such as the information screen (pressing 'i' in-game and the in-game goals menu (pressing 'g' in-game).

.bms = This is the required exported binary map file.

.ifl = This required file is called "Build Info Listing" and is one of the exported map files. It contains information such as a 3DI listing. It is similar to the map .log file, which is a more specific 3DI listing.

.log = This optional file is called a "Log" file. It contains a comprehensive list of all the 3DI files, buildings, and other used in a map as well as the amount of memory used. It also contains a total of decos, buildings, objects, etc. used.

.mis = This optional file is like the .bms, which contains the bulk of the map information. However, .mis files can be edited in the MED (map editor program).

.npj = This required file is like the .mis file except it can be edited using the NILE map editing program.

.npz = This required file is like the .bms file except it is produced by the NILE map editing program.

.pcx = This optional file is called "PC Bitmap Graphic" ... is used to display custom loading screens, the mission briefing screens, MED item thumbnails, etc. which is not transferred over the server like in single player maps... not necessary for coop.

.scr = I've not seen this file included with any recent maps.. so, optional?. The .scr or "Dialog Script File" is created by NovaLogic designers and given the .scr extension manually. It is used to define audio strings and dialogue driven on-screen text.

.til = This required "Tile File" stores where tiles are placed and is one of the output files when a map is exported. Tile data can be imported/exported into other maps on the Tiler window in the MED.

.wac = This required file contains If/then/else/endif boolean logic commands for missions. It's used for eventing, playing text strings, etc. This file be used alongside normal events in the MED - or even replace it altogether.

= These are optional sound files for the game.

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