Experiences in Serious Sam 3

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Experiences in Serious Sam 3

Post  AKMARK5000 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:41 am

Serious Sam 3 BFE (SS3BFE) has a cooperative mode (Coop)! …also has single play (SP), but I bought this one because of the fantastic coop action.  It's kinda expensive at regular price  (about $40 just for the basic game).  However, I bought mine during a limited-time sale for $20 with the DLC "Jewel of the Nile" (DLC stands for Downloadable Content… official add-on package).  Then there's many custom campaigns, maps, total conversions and other mods that are free!

Custom Game Review:

It's simple, you run around and help your buddies kill and destroy and collect stuff.  You get great weapons to use throughout the game.  There is no "leveling up" baloney and there is plenty of ammo, armor and health pickups.  The controls are almost identical to AW2… in other words, once you get STEAM and the game installed you'll be shooting it up in no time flat.  

Once you get tired of the basic Serious Sam 3 game and it's add-on DLC "Jewel of the Nile", there are custom made maps and mods to keep the replay value going strong.  It is a bit faster pace than AW2… like when an AW2 map has hordes of bad guys coming at you in a massive wave of chaos.  But the server is customizable to make it fun for all.  For example, I setup mine to have infinite ammo, a 10 seconds worth of player spawn armor, plus an extra 200% player health increase.  

The cut-scenes are rough with the language as far as bad words, but not used constantly, overused, or anything worse than in "R" rated moves of today's action films.  Sam is the main character of the game.  H his voice can be turned off and I think there's a way to block (not just skip over by in-game voting)  all the cut-scenes if you really get bent out of shape about that stuff… but I really think adults can handle it and you'll miss out on the other content that actually moves the story along and is quite funny at times (turn subtitles off and buy a pair of headphones. turn volume down).   The music is heavy stone rock… not my favorite… so, I turned it way down to almost off.

Weapons Video Overview Footage:

Enemy Overviw Footage:

Mix of SP & Coop Real Gameplay Footage:

STEAM:  I purchase downloadable digital games though a game platform called STEAM.  It’s a very small program that is basically a place to buy, download, organize and launch your games in one location as well as a well protected community from hackers and cheaters while playing your digital games.  

STEAM Support has many How-To guides and FAQs to help you. Just visit the official home page:

==> http://store.steampowered.com

Install Overview Guide (PC video is towards the bottom):

==> https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=3046-ECVN-3712

[i][b]*** See how to improve Youtube viewing (CLICK HERE).

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Re: Experiences in Serious Sam 3

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:05 pm

I've been busy with my Serious Sam STEAM Workshop today.

Server Mod Configuration 01202013:

* Server Mod Configuration 01132013... the 01 = month; 13 = day; 2013 = year.


1. You "subscribe" to all these individual mods separately or via my "Mark5: COOP Collection" and start the "moddable version" of Serious Sam 3 via your STEAM Library. At the game's main menu, choose EXTRAS and then WORKSHOP ITEMS.

2. This presents a list of your installed mods and next to each is a fill-in box... click each one... if the box is filled then the mod is Activated... if the box is empty the mod is Deactivated.

My Server Mod Configuration is as follows... [Activated] or [Deactivated] as noted in the mod title:

AA12 Fully Automatic Shotgun [Activated]
Created by JasonBob45
This mod replaces the pump action shotgun with a fully automatic AA12. This thing fires 300 rounds per minute (that's 5 per second!) and comes loaded with a 20 round drum magazine.

Annihilator [Activated]
Created by Pablo-- ~\/C~
The king of rifles.
Sporting a unique red camouflage, this rifle will rock your world! This gun...

Anti Witch-Bride Mod [Activated]
Created by Biomechanoid
Ever hated fighting the Witch-Brides in Serious Sam 3's campaign? Ever felt like they slow the gameplay down? Well, then this mod is for you. This mod decreases the Witch-Bride's HP down to 50. It also heavily increases the body size so that you can see t...

Beefier Double Shotgun Sounds [Activated]
Created by Biomechanoid
Ever felt like the Double Shotgun sounded too quiet and needed a bit more umph? Well, then this mod is for you. This mod replaces those quiet default firing sounds with beefier, meaner, and louder firing sounds for the Double Shotgun....

Classic Player Jump Height Mod [Activated]
Created by Biomechanoid
What this mod does is simply increasing the player's jump height. No, this doesn't give Sam a super jump. It basically gives the player the same jump height the player had in SS1. This mod also makes jumping onto boxes, barrels, and buildings easier and m...

Classic-Style Sniper Rifle [Activated]
Created by Biomechanoid
This mod replaces those boring black textures on the sniper rifle with SS1-styled sniper rifle textures....

Covered Harpy (a.k.a. Bikini Harpy) [Activated]
Created by Gumi / Kyo
Want to have harpies without nudity? Something that makes the game less M+17? :P Thanks to this mod, the harpies seen in SS3 will be wearing a bikini! That's right, instead of being totally naked, it will now use a bikini that covers her boobs and her... ...

Vivid Weapon Colors [Activated]
Created by Scoots
Ever felt that BFE's weapons lack color and are too dark? Well, this mod's for you then!
It gives all weapons a more vivid color, and gives the Shotguns and Devastator a bit more color variety....

White Double Barrel [Activated]
Created by ~Ð.Batandy
Reskin of the double barrel shotgun to look more like its classic counterpart....

Axe [Activated]
Created by JasonBob45
This mod replaces the two sledgehammers you find in SS3 with axes. Enjoy!...

Black Gloves [Activated]
Created by Srs SteelPH
Just replaces Sam's brown gloves with jet black ones....

Orange Lasergun Mod [Activated]
Created by Biomechanoid
Ever felt like the Lasergun's dark green color looked a bit dull? Ever wanted something to spice up those colors on the lasergun? Well, then this mod is for you. This mod replaces the green textures of the Lasergun, Lasergun Ammo, and Lasergun Projectiles...

Serious Bomb [Activated]
Created by JasonBob45
This mod replaces the C4 with the iconic Serious Bombs! This game just got serious-er. (Who writes this stuff?...)...

Better Pistol Mod [Activated]
This makes the Pistol behave like a powerful, .50 AE Desert Eagle, which it's model is based on. Each shot does around 30 damage per hit, and it features a new and powerful firing sound originally made by Vunsunta. The only problem is that it has a seven ...

Golden Desert Eagle [Activated]
Created by JasonBob45
Replaces the normal gray desert eagle with a shiny gold one! Also adds the Serious Bomb logo emblazoned onto the grip....

Kitty Cats! [Activated]
Created by noam 2000
The mod replaces the werebulls with kitty cats! :3 CAT MODEL FROM BATM

Cannonball Laser [Activated]
Created by dragon99919
DO YOU WANT TO SHALL EVEN MORE DESTRUCTION?! Download that mod! It will replace your Laser with Laser that SHOOTS CANNONBALLS!

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