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Improve YouTube Viewing

Post  AKMARK5000 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:15 pm

YouTube Videos: Basic Quality and Control (Updated 2015)

When viewing a YouTube video, it is possible to improve the size, clarity and other qualities of the video. The control bar at the bottom of each video can help you accomplish this.

Ok, so here's the breakdown notation:

Play or Pause or Replay  replay the current video from the beginning, you can click this even if the video is already playing

Volume - click and move the slider control  

Time - in relation to many minutes of the video have gone by

 Settings (Quality) - click to choose the celerity of the video, also note...

Click the little down arrow of the box with the auto default 480p.

So, auto is automatic or default (480p) and 720p is good-looking (I recommend if available) and 1080p is stunningly great, but is not always available.

Playlist - this adds the video to a list of videos you can watch later or on a schedule (never use it so don't know much about it)

Video Size - this set of controls makes your video quarter page sized, half page size and the last one makes it full screen size

Exit Full Screen - when viewing a video in full screen mode the red highlighted control appears and clicking it will bring the video size back to quarter size.

Here's the PDF document of the above information (slightly different from the above) that you can download;

DF Webport Downloads ==>

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