Ghost Recon 2 & GameSpy Troubles

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Ghost Recon 2 & GameSpy Troubles

Post  AKMARK5000 on Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:16 pm

I purchased GRAW2 off of STEAM, which went smoothly and as usual there were no issues.

The problems started when I started up GRAW 2 multiplayer. Apparently, GRAW 2 uses a GameSpy log-in information. But I could not remember my GameSpy log-in to an account that I created 3 years ago. So I navigated on over to the GameSpy website to reset my lost password and other account information.

However, much to my disappointment, I could not reset my password nor create a new account and after several varied failed attempts to remedy this problem, I was kind of irate. After calming down a bit, I did
more web surfing and an hour of researching the issue. Eventually, I found some useful information.

Even when GameSpy was actually a company called GameSpy, the company website did not change anything once you set up your account. After the company merged with IGN… even IGN
support forgot how it was done.

It is no wonder why many past customers (including myself) have had log-in trouble and difficulties changing log-in, account creation and profile modification.

So, in order to resolve my current problems listed above, I found the following steps helpful:

Step 1: Download GameSpy Arcade from a trustworthy source. I chose to download from C|Net.


Note: make sure you pay attention during setup and check off all the useless extras such as the toolbar (unless you want them).

Step 2: Install GameSpy Arcade. During installation, the program actually helps sort out account and log-in problems.

This allowed me to retrieve my lost account information. If I wanted, I could have created a new account or modified my profile and other information.

So, back to the GRAW2 multiplayer log-in. I entered my log-in information and clicked log-in… it did not work! Per chance, I clicked on "create a new account." and filled in log-in information that I had, but pretended that I was creating it for the first time ever.

Guess what? It worked! How strange is that? Anyway, I am happy.

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