Text Color: Messages, Map Titles, BIN & WAC Files

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Text Color: Messages, Map Titles, BIN & WAC Files

Post  AKMARK5000 on Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:18 pm

Ever wonder how some map titles in the Novalogic lobby appear in color, or how in-game messages appear in various colors or why some BIN file texts are in different bold, or italic character lettering? Well wonder no more. This article addresses the question.

In order to type a message, the player presses the tilde key "~" while in the game (its above the tab key).
When a player wants to type different colored messages, while in-game, the following keys are pressed:

T = Local Message (sent to everyone in proximity to you or near by you, appearing in white)

Y = Team Message (sent to team members only, appearing in bright green)

U = Vehicle Message (must be in vehicle to use, sent to your vehicle occupants only,
appearing in cyan (white/blue)

CTRL+T = Squad Message (press the control key "CTRL" and "T" key, sent to everyone on your team and any Novaworld members even if not on your team, appearing in purple)

Alternatively, once a message is typed, a player can press the forward slash "_\_" key to cycle the message types described above. As a note of interest, recent text messages can be viewed by pressing the "J" key.

Here is a short list of the color codes you can use to change the color of the WAC scripts: The script has to be enclosed between right and left arrows (<#####> ) and inserted before the line of text in the consol or text displays. Basically the color code ( <#####> ) is inserted before any special codes or character or words and ended, if needed, by ( <-uco> ). Here's a script/code listing:

cfff500 or co01 = Yellow

co30 = Light Yellow

co100 = Dark Yellow

cff5000 = Orange

cf50000 = Red

cf500000 or c300004 = Dark Red

c5000 = Dark Green

cf500 = Green

co99 = Light Blue

cff50 = Turquoise

cfffff5 = White (Don't see any reason to use this one)

cr953o3 = Gray

cffff50 = Tan

cf or ca = Black

cf50 or cab = Dark Blue

cff5 or ca0 = Blue

ca0014 = Purple

b = Bold Text

i = Text with Italics

u = will Underline Text

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