Problems Joining a Map or Server

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Problems Joining a Map or Server

Post  AKMARK5000 on Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:35 pm


'I have been having trouble logging on to certain maps. I am getting an error message saying - mission too large, too much memory allocated. Please remove some items and re-export. I am not a map maker so I have no idea what this means, or how to fix it if I can. I have played some of these maps in the past and can't figure out what has changed.'

Probable Explanation:

Assets are the graphical objects within the map (ex. enemy, jeep, helo, tree, building). A game cache folder saves a few assets while you play. After a while, the cache can get cluttered and gummed up with stuff you do not need that could prevent you from joining certain maps (even if you joined them before).

Possible Manual Solution 1:

This solution is quite simple... restart your computer.

Possible Manual Solution 2:

The game cache is a folder that is located inside the game's folder (ex. C:\Program Files\NovaLogic\Delta Force Extreme 2\cache. Open up the cache folder and select all the files inside and then delete them.

Possible Automatic Solution 3:

CacheKill is a small program that deletes or rather empties the cache from your game folder automatically while the game is running! Download it at the DF Webport Home's downloads/utilities section:


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