Backing up Teamspeak2 and Ventrilo Configuration Connections

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Backing up Teamspeak2 and Ventrilo Configuration Connections

Post  AKMARK5000 on Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:28 am

Backing up Teamspeak2 and Ventrilo configuration connections
(Windows XP):

A backup copy of your Teamspeak (TS2) or Ventrilo (Vent) addresses and passwords can help if, for example;

- you get a new hard drive or computer
- you have to wipe out your current programs and have to
start over

Teamspeak2 Copy TeamSpeak.Conf:

==> C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\teamspeak2\TeamSpeak.Conf

Ventrilo3.0.8 (Win32): Copy ventrilo2.ini:

==> C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Ventrilo\ventrilo2.ini

Properly install and load up a fresh copy of TS or Vent and replace the above files. Obviously, if
you are changing Operating Systems from Windows XP to Vista or Windows7, then you will have to find the correct file locations.

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