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Respawners Location

Post  AKMARK5000 on Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:15 am

In one of my maps I had several AI groups teleportint into a certain location and then following a circular waypoint path. They were set to re-spawn, but they re-spawned where they died instead of their original starting locations.

Iceman of had an explanation and a solution:

"I believe that the problem lies with the fact that you are teleporting the AI in from another map location that they were originally placed during the construction of your map.

Normally AI placed at a map location will re-spawn to that same spot every time even when following waypoints.

So what is now happening is that the AI cannot re-spawn at the the original location they were placed so they are forced re-spawn where they died.

The only work around I can suggest is to place the AI in a hidden spot near the waypoint you want them to follow and they will happily re-spawn and follow the waypoint assigned.

If you want to keep these AI hidden from the players until you are ready to use them you can hide and then unhide (wac script) when required".

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