AI popping up out of tunnel

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AI popping up out of tunnel

Post  AKMARK5000 on Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:04 am

In one of my I placed 15 AI in a tunnel and they re-spawned twice. They kept popping up out of the tunnel and appearing above ground sometimes.

Eagle Eye of said that the problem was with the actual tunnel. When Novalogic created them, they used CP collision boxes instead of CB collision boxes. A CP only blocks a Human Player from walking through a wall. a CB blocks Human, or AI from walking through a wall. AI can also see through a CP, but not a CB; this is also why you get shot at a lot when your in a tunnel or in a building or behind a wall...AI basically see through and their bullets get though... this is why, in a tunnel, you get AI that seem to be stuck in the wall.

However, Jabo1SFH of offered some advice on fixing or preventing my problem. He said that the best bet to using nova's default tunnels, successfully, is to have your AI in the room tunnel pieces and not actually in the tunnels... use something they can attach to (like a mounted gun or a chair) if you must have static AI in the tunnels. He also said that he noticed this problem, AI popping out to the surface, usually occurs when using uneven pieces of terrain... hardly an avoidable situation. He said he always uses AI in tunnels as sentries... they spawn in a room then run through the tunnels to a waypoint or to chase players.

I never got that last suggestion to work correctly. So, I ended up attaching some AI to 50cals that were in the actual tunnel passageway pieces. I had some static soldiers in tunnel rooms and I attached those to the SSN of the tunnel room piece that they were placed in.

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