Map Item Memory Limitations (maximums)

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Map Item Memory Limitations (maximums)

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:37 pm

When mapping, every object, decoration, AI, etc. etc. that is inserted takes up memory in a map. So, I reccommend keeping Vertex Data at or below 22000k... anything more will most likely give you problems.

The following (personally recommended) amounts for each item placed in your map may help as a guideline:

1. Total number of Decorations & Buildings = 1175
2. Total number of Vehicles & Objects = 1175
3. Total number of Markers = 720
4. Total number of People = between 200 and 230

Following the actual maximum amounts set by the game publisher can cause problems (ie. Maximum 256 People).

You might also be concerned with inserting an over abundance of collision models such as, but not limited to, putting two buildings partially together or trees going through buildings. This is a trick issue to detect, but usually a symptom would be the sudden ability of a vehicle to go though objects such as buildings or other vehicles)

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