Game Reorders and USB Headsets

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Game Reorders and USB Headsets

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Game Reorders and USB Headsets

I have come across many posted questions regarding game recorder programs not recording the in-game sounds through a USB headset. Instead, they record the sounds made by the microphone. I have seen very few resolutions and even fewer solutions.... annoying, yes?

Some USB headsets have mini sound cards built into the cables so it only captures the microphone input. This is ok if you never want sound when recording a game. But what about those times when you want to hear the in-game gun shots, blood splatter, music, and other sound effects?

Well, I finally found a fix for this pretty simplistic situation:

1. Download and install a software program called Virtual Audio Cable (VAC).


I used JOAW2 and FRAPS as the applications and the my USB Headset as the device.

The VAC software allows you to transfer audio (wave) streams between applications and/or devices. It's a trial version and there will be an annoying "trial" voiced over everything. But hey, the trial thing works and if you do not want the voice-over nag, then buy it.

Once VAC is installed open Audio Repeater (Start > All Programs > Virtual Audio Cable > Audio Repeater) and set the options like below. Minimize when done.

2. Now, head over to your Control Panel and open up Sounds and Audio Devices. Click on the Audio tab and change the settings like below. Close when done.

3. Open your game recorder and check your Sound Capture Settings. Tick Record sound, and Detect best sound input. Make sure it says Default (Virtual Cable 1) within the box, if not go back and check your Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio tab.

4. Last, bring up the Audio Repeater and click Start. Run the game and then your game recorder and start recording as usual. Check your recordings... it should have in-game sound.

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