Tiles: Building Roads, Parking Areas ect. ect.

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Tiles: Building Roads, Parking Areas ect. ect.

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:53 am

I am a greenhorn when it comes to using tiles to build things like roads or paved areas, but I wanted to write down what I know. It is some basic information, but should aid you in tiling. Note that although I am using the DFX2 Black Ops Mod Mission Editor (MED), the following could be applied to the any MED (ex. Regular DFX2 MED or Joint Ops AW2 MED).

I. Setup: Its important to get everything set up before you start... kind of like a painter sets his tools, brushes, drop cloth and mixes the paint before painting a room.

Like I said, the MED I am using is the DFX2 BO Mod MED. I am assuming you know a little about the MED and map making.

1. Created a blank map. Any will do, but make sure to use a flat grassy terrain.
2. Set the grid down to 16m.
3. Zoom-in to an area where you'd like you road. Not too much though, because you want to view the overall area or at least a good portion of where your road is going to be made.
4. In the upper left corner is the grid tool bar... check-mark SNAP.
5. On the lower left side is a palette made up of three tabs INFO | THUMBNAIL | TILER. You have to click the tab that says TILER.

Now that everything is setup, you can build a road... but first you may want to read more below.

Tiler Palette:

In the upper portion of the tiler the buttons labeled CCW | CW| FH | FV | RST rotate and flip the tile. The FLOATER button just displays all the available tiles that can be selected. I personally do not use it to select tiles because it caused a memory error and crashed my MED a few times, but maybe it will work for you. I select tiles from the thumbnail choices displayed below CCW | CW| FH | FV | RST. Just click on on and then drag it to the map area let it go and click once more and the tile appears. you can right click the tile and manipulate it like any other object or mapping item.

When you first place the tile a yellow outline appears. Don't pay too much attention to this yellow outline because, more often than not, it does not represent the actual location of where the tile is being place. Why? Well, remember how you activate the SNAP feature in step 3? ... that is why. So, pay close attention to where the "+ " or cursor is located and guess about the alignment as best as you can. In the end, everything will "snap" into the correct alignment automatically.

It is easy when creating a road or paved area in a strait line, but roads often turn and bend, which, make it not easy. Keep at it, experimentation is the key to success.

I will try to update this as I learn more.

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