JO-AW2 Dynamic Lighting

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JO-AW2 Dynamic Lighting

Post  AKMARK5000 on Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:21 pm

I am made a coop map using the AW2 MED whereby a nuclear bomb is set by hacking a computer. At the moment that the computer is hacked I wanted the lighting to turn red... like emergency alarm lights. I used a decoration called "AW2 Red Lighting (file= redlit)", but I could not get the them to turn off/on using the MED.

I solved the issue by using a workaround suggested by Captain at < >;

"Now if you really want to have the dynamic lighting in the room, you could do it the other way around.
Simply create a duplicate room and add the dynamic red light there. Then when the players that are in the 1st room and they activate "xxxx" then teleport them to the room with the dynamic light and continue on from there. Since you're using the same objects it would not take extra texture memory but only a few more objects".

I did not use his other suggestion for the specific issue;

"You can hide and unhide objects that has non dynamic lighting. That means objects where the lighting does not reflect on other objects or terrain. The AW2 Red Lighting has dynamic lighting so if you try to hide that object the effect will still show.

What you can use for example is:

* FX - Red Light - Constant
* FX - Red Flashing Light - Sine Fast
* FX - Red Flashing Light - Pulse Fast
* FX - Red Flashing Light - Pulse Slow
* FX - Red Flashing Light - Sine Slow"

Another suggestion, which I used elsewhere in the map, was by Sleepless at < >;

"as a little hint what you can do to create a visible lightning effect to turn in red is to place two different lights on top of the other. maybe use red and blue (purple light) if nobody is on the computer and if someone sit down -> remove the blue one, so the room turn in red".

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