No Periods <.> Folder or File Names

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No Periods <.> Folder or File Names

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:45 am

For years I've been labeling my folders with a period. The MED (any DFX or JO games and their subsequent mods) has a problem processing periods in the map names and folders.

For example, while installing a mod, you'd make a copy of the original game folder and rename it. In the past I've instructed folder names such as:

- DFX2 BO Mod [1.2]
- DFX2 BO Mod [1.3]
- JO AW2 Mod [4.20]

They should be:

- DFX2 BO Mod [12]
- DFX2 BO Mod [13]
- JO AW2 Mod [420]

Extended Explanation

Say you made your game folder and location as:

- C:\BOMod1.3\Delta Force Xtreme 2\

The MED reads C:\BOMOD and stop in its tracks and save all mapping files, such as the BMS files, in that folder with the name

If you removed the period to look like C:\BOMod13\Delta Force Xtreme2\ then MED saves the files to the correct
folder with the correct name.

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