Install the DFX2 Black Ops Mod

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Install the DFX2 Black Ops Mod

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:50 pm

The DFX2 Black Ops Mod 1.5 update makes many fixes and improvements to the 1.3 version features:

- Plays all the regular DFX2 maps and many DFX1
- Includes almost all terrains and mapping objects from DFX1
- Includes a customized MED map editor version
- Adds new terrains, environments and objects for your mapping pleasure
- Adds new and improved weapons and accessories (including flame thrower)
- Adjusted many weapons to be more balanced
- Medic Packs are available
- Provides smooth net code and game play
- Added stability for S&D items
- Fixed some HUD lineup issues
- Introduced destruction points for coops
- More stats to the ending of all game types
- Made the AI harder to kill

Also, I should mention that there is now a mod tool (Black Ops Mod Utility RC1) for map makers to find new sounds in the game... over 3000 wavs in the BO Mod. You can also take a quick view of terrains with this software as well. Get it from the same download link mentioned below.

Installing the Delta Force Xtreme II – Black Ops Mod (DFX2-BO Mod):

Step One: Install DFX2 and make sure it is updated and works correctly.

Step Two: Make a copy of your DFX2 folder and rename it something like “DFX2 BO Mod 15”. So, when all is said and done, you should have two folders;

-Delta Force Xtreme 2
-DFX2 BO Mod 1.5 (this was "Copy of Delta Force Xtreme 2")

Step Three: Download the core files (BO Mod X2 1.01). Then the BO Mod 1.5 Final Update.


Step Four: Install DFX2 Black-Ops 1.0.1 into the DFX2 folder copy that you made and renamed to DFX2 BO Mod 15. When that 101 is completely done installing, then install the Mod Update 1.5 into the same DFX2 BO Mod 15 folder.

Step Five: Start by double clicking the icon that was produced during install. Note that you are
going to re-enter your password even though it seems to already have it entered. Also note that you can move the icon wherever you want.[/font]

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