Install Joint Ops Advanced Warfare 2 Mod

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Install Joint Ops Advanced Warfare 2 Mod

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:50 am

The AW2 Update 4.30 is coming January 20th 2012. The official announcement and details can be found on the homepage of This is just a quick and dirty installation guide.

First, the 4.3 upgrade is coming out as a full install with its own built in Medic Mod. One download and one installation combines the latest advanced warfare with the medic mod. The installation process is almost 10 times faster than the previous installations. More than likely, servers will not run the AW2 4.30 right away. So do not get rid of the previous AW2 4.20 version.

Generally, here's how I'd go about installing:

1. Copy the regular Joint Ops game folder and place the copy on the desktop
2. Re-label the copy to AW2 4.3
3. Download the FULL installation of the 4.3 upgrade on to the desktop
4. Double left-click the upgrade.exe file on the desktop
5. Make sure that the installation is going to the AW2 4.3 folder on the desktop
So, now move the AW2 4.3 folder where ever needed.

Look for the .exe file inside the folder and double left-click... starts the AW2 4.3 game.

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