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PSP Disorder

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:38 pm

As a mapper, I find that PSPs are really [insert bad word here] difficult to keep in sequential order (as in A, B, C, etc. etc.)... once you've placed them. Seems like anything from moving to height adjustment of any object or decoration can cause PSP disorder. Aspirin and Tylenol are just not going to cut it with this headache of a problem. To combat PSP disorder here's a couple methods that I have often used.

Method One:

Set the PSPs up when you are completely done modifying everything else within the map.

Method Two:

Set up the PSPs.
Select one PSP.
Right click and "select all type".
Right click again and "hide selected".
When you are completely done editing or modifying, right click and "unhide all".

This first method sounds simple enough and works beautifully if you are making a map and never modify or edit it again. What about when you modify or edit an existing map? What if the existing map has PSP disorder and you need to go in and modify or edit? Method one will work only if all the PSPs are at ground level and the entire PSP order needs to be re-done. However, I prefer method two. For example;

Say a map has the PSPs in order, but a few need to be moved and have their height adjusted. You can select all the PSPs, but deselect the one that you want to adjust the height. When finished, save and export, then open the map up again and follow the same process for the second PSP that needs attention.

Method Three (My Recommendation):

Setting up PSPs so that they must be 'camped' in order to take them over could be considered a third method in combating PSP disorder. Using the below method let the PSPs retain their despite further map editing and modifications.

In my case, I inserted the PSP objects (LFPtowr1) and then edited the attributes of each PSP. The first PSP or rather PSP (A) has to belong to Group Blue Team. Up in the top right corner of the attibutes window is LFP Group, which must be set to 1. Then follow the pattern seen below:

Object= LFPtowr1 (inserted 2nd), Team= Neutral team, LFP Group= 2.

Object= LFPtowr1 (inserted 3rd), Team= Neutral team, LFP Group= 3.

ETC, ETC.....

Following the above made inserting initial spawn markers unnecessary. In other words, the 1st PSP is already taken over by the blue team and therefore acts as an initial spawn point until the next PSP is taken. The speed at which the PSP are taken is dependent upon the server settings.

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