AW2 Intro and Background Video Audio

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AW2 Intro and Background Video Audio

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:24 pm

AW2 intro movie is enjoyable the first few times it is seen. After the 5th time it becomes "old hat" or even annoying. The Nvidia graphic logo is just plain obnoxious (although necessary for mod sponsorship... I think). The menu background video is a little loud and can become annoying also. Here's
how to automatically skip them:

1) Backup and delete two files:
- intro.bik (AW2 Mod beginning movie where the loud music is produced)
- prolog.bik (The Nvidia flash animated graphic logo)

2) The main.bik file is the background audio/video for the premier menu (the
place where you have Exit, Player, Lan, Options... etc. etc). While the video background is nice the audio portion can become bothersome. A silent version (video but no audio) can be downloaded from the Official AW2 website.


So, just backup the current main.bik located inside your AW2 folder and put the downloaded main.bik into your AW2 folder.

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