Armory(s): 1 Second Reuse

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Armory(s): 1 Second Reuse

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:39 am

Ever get frustrated or even killed because of the 30 second armory reuse wait? Well wait no more! This is a server/host fix for DFX2 and Joint Ops based games and subsequent mods...

- Open the game's configuration file [game.cfg] in a text program like "notepad++"
- Look for the line "armory_reuse_time = 30"
- Change that "30" to whatever amount of time (seconds) that is desired... I recommend at least 1 sec

For example, I changed mine to 1 second. The armory(s) on whatever maps that I host on my server (host computer) will take 1 second to be available for players to use again.

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