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Extra Auto health!

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:48 pm

DFX2 and mods based on it have this "self healing" built into the game. However, it is slow as molasses in January. True, this setting automatically heals you, but it is set at such a low rate (I think 1 or 2) that it slows the entire pace of your map-play. In my maps, I like to put in extra auto health for the entire map. This makes it a bit more fun for those who are weekend warriors, beginners and "not-so-hot-" players who do not want to die every minute and want to complete a map in a reasonable amount of time.

Auto health is nothing more than a trigger area. So here's how to set one in the regular DFX2 MED and DFX2 Black Ops Mod MED (MED = map editors)... I believe this applies to the JOAW2 MED as well.

1- Name your trigger area. I tend name mine "Extra Auto Healing" using the "99 -" slot and I change the color to white. So, in the end it looks like this; "99 - Extra Auto Healing"

2- On the map place a trigger marker and edit its attributes. Make sure the "auto-heath rate" box is checked and set the rate at about 3-5 for DFX2 or the DFX2 BO Mod. Set the height or "Position X value" at something exaggerated like "500". In the waypoints section under "list" make sure to choose "99 - Extra Auto Healing" ... also, click ok and not cancel.

3- Copy the marker and place the copy just below it and edit the attributes of this copied trigger area marker. Make sure it has a negative height or Position X value (-500). The "auto-heath rate" box is checked and set at the same rate as the first trigger are marker. In the waypoints section under list... "99 - Extra Auto Healing" ... also, click ok and not cancel.

You now have a "Extra Auto Health" 3Dbox area that you can reshape to fit the entire map are wherever the mission takes place. The reason for the positive and negative height or Position X value (500 and -500) is so that the are below and above the map will be covered in instants where there are valleys, tunnels or mountains, etc. etc.

Note: If you are modifying a DFX2 type map to play in JOAW2 then the "auto-health rate" is best set at 8-10.

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