DFX2, Map Editing and you

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DFX2, Map Editing and you

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:44 pm

I usually use the DFX2 MED to make Coop Maps. In doing so, the maps will just work "as is" 90% of the time in DFX2, DFX2 Black Ops Mod, JO Advanced Warfare2 Mod.... The 10% is for those times where modifications are necessary.

Anyway, the programing is basically the same. The main thing to realize is that they all require the same objects (this includes the file name of the object). So an object or item such as AI characters, trees, cars, etc. etc. have a file name and a descriptive name.

For example, the jeep. Say it is file name DA!J7 and the descriptive name is "jeep with gun". The MED editor for DFX2, DFX2 Black Ops Mod, JO Advanced Warfare2 Mod must have the "same jeep with gun" with the file name of DA1J7. I noticed DFX2 BO Mod and JO-AW2 Mod may have the same object/item but the file name may be different. DA1J7 "jeep with gun" might be BO DA1J7 "bo jeep with gun" or JO DA1J7 "jo jeep with gun".

Use the DFX2 MED for AW2 Maps as much as possible. One reason is ease of use... the AW2 MED saves outside the directory folder and the file names are wrong also. So, renaming and moving could be a bit confusing.

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