Firefox: "Extentions"

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Firefox: "Extentions"

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:35 pm

Firefox has all kinds of add-on programs called "Extensions". They run right inside the Firefox Web Browser!

Officially get them via Tools|Add-ons and clicking the "Get add-ons". A Mozilla Firefox page opens and you can search or browse. Once you find one, click the button that says something like "add to firefox".

Here's some examples:

- DownloadHelper, this one is actually helpful if you want to snag videos and images from websites such as Youtube or websites with FLV formatted videos.

- Extension List Dumper this one makes a list of the currently installed extensions (add-ons). Note that you can save a list as plain text (TXT). So you might want something like "Notepad++" to view them... the windows "notepad" does not display them as nicely.

- FireFTP, this is a nice simple FTP client that works right inside the browser

- Adblock Plus, this blocks annoying adds the pop into view. I'm not sure if this one actually works. I'm thinking of uninstalling it.

- Password Exporter, this simply exports and imports your saved passwords if you use the "secure login" extension.

- Secure Login, this is a password manager. It helps organize and secure (to a degree) login/password information... works well with "password exporter".

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