Experiences in Just Cause 3

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Experiences in Just Cause 3

Post  AKMARK5000 on Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:16 pm

Experiences in Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3, the third major game in the series (aka. JC3).  Overall, JC3 is one of those video game series that is all about explosions, lots of them, and over the top action - really over the top action.  Where else are you encouraged to grapple onto speeding cars, shoot RPGs from an airborne plane and tether objects (including people, animals, gas thanks) and then tighten the tension to smash them together?

JC3 is pretty much GTA with even fewer rules, less drama and character development, and more destruction of just about everything in the environment and a much more straightforward storyline.  You can follow the story or just run around and create all out mayhem and destruction to relieve some real life stress and not miss out on anything.  Note that this game requires a login, and constant internet connection, but there are ways around that Smile

Want more details about Just Cause 3? ...

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Basic Story Plot -  You're an infamous revolutionary who has come to liberate an oppressed homeland and stop an evil dictator.

Graphics - The graphics are equal to many AAA titles of 2015/2016.  The water effects are especially good.

Gameplay - You get rifles, guns, bombs, mounted weapons on cars, planes, and helicopters plus a special grappling hook move around like Spiderman and tether objects together.  JC3 is in a third person view, but there is aim assist and an on-screen aiming cross hair to make shooting and grappling easy.

Requirements - The computer requirements aren't ridiculous... almost any mid-range or high budget computer should be able to handle it.

Game Modes - Although Just Cause 3 is primarily a single player game, a multiplayer mod is available so that you and some friends can run around in the game together...  

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NOTE - Just Cause 3 takes a long time to load up and login (although it is all automatic with the STEAM version) and the introductory logo screens do not help.  To skip some of the nonsense try a no-intro mod from justcause3mods.com...  

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