Experiences in Dead Rising III

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Experiences in Dead Rising III

Post  AKMARK5000 on Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:32 am

Games like Far Cry-IV, ARMA-III Apex, Warface, etc. kept forcing Dead Rising-III to the bottom of my gaming purchase and playing schedules.  I've found purchasing games at the G2A.com marketplace much cheaper (when not on STEAM Sale). Even though G2A is much cheaper, the STEAM description is easier to view.

I really could not imagine topping the zombie craziness of Dead Rising II.  But Dead Rising 3 turned out a better game... not so much better, but different considering the game-play mechanics and graphics.

The zombies are not fast moving at all, but they do sprint and lunge sometimes.  For the most part, you can run around and mow hoards of zombies down with all sorts of weapons and items.  Ever take down a zombie with a coat hanger or cardboard box?  Well, now you can!  Weapons range from the normal pistols, flamethrowers, grenades, machine guns and rocket launchers to stuffed animals, road signs, glue gun, stud gun, tables, and chairs.

You can also create combo weapons and vehicles to kill zombies.  Here are a few examples of what you can combine:

- car and bulldozer
- motorcycle and snow plow
- shotgun and assault rifle
- stuffed toy bear and a machine gun
- squirt gun and chemical acid
- baseball bat and nails

Also, in addition to zombies, you fight some other enemies.  Psychos (boss battles) offer interesting gameplay challenges and advance the overall story of the game (in both single player and coop modes).

Many negative reviews point out the poor game optimization and glitchy graphics.  Yes, it's all true.  However, consider the price point of the game and what it offers.  

"What other zombie-like game offers the ability to use or create such crazy weapons and items to kill zombies with while wearing different clothes"?

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