Lets get TUNNGLE!!

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Lets get TUNNGLE!!

Post  AKMARK5000 on Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:35 pm

Tunngle: LAN at Internet Distances!


Sometimes it seems like there is no way to play coop games over LAN with your Internet friends. Luckily, there's a VPN solution (Virtual Private Network). The Tunnge VPN Software allows you and your buddies to play coop games in LAN mode as if they were located on your local or home network.  

The game must have a LAN mode and Tunngle does the rest.  Games such as Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, Battlefield2 and Joint Ops and their subsequent mods such as AIX2 or AW2 have LAN mode, so, therefore Tunngle is a great solution.

The Tunngle Basic Account and Software are both F-R-E-E and there is not cost in using it - ever!  So, I listed some other features to make my point.

- Tunngle circumvents regular game servers and allows you to play coop with your usual buddies from the internet.

- The LAN/VPN environments are usually lag-free and allow for responsive control over your game.

- The LAN/VPN environment created is actually a private place, pretty much free from monitoring.

- Installing gets easier every year and every update!

- The Tunngle Client Software is F-R-E-E and there is not cost in using it - ever!


Don't hot-dog it.  Read and follow the steps!

1. Register at http://www.tunngle.net/en/.  The account that you create when registering gives you login information.  The login information (username and password) is the same information that you will use when logging into the Tunngle client software.  

* As a recommendation; your username and display name should be the same.  
For example, username SOG_MARK5 and display name SOG_MARK5

2. Download Tunngle at http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/tunngle.html   A network adapter is installed along with the client software.  REBOOT/RESTART your computer in order for Tunngle to work properly !!

3. Start Tunngle and log in.

By default, Tunngle uses a standard port (11153 UDP).   This port should open automatically.  Tunngle also opens up to the Standard Network Account (meaning the free basic account, not the $$ premium account).

How To Join A Standard (Basic) Network:

4. Find a Network of a Game you wanna play with people or your friends.  On the left, you have a list of game categories. For example, click Shooter and in the center another list opens into view.  

5. Browse the games (they are in alphabetical order).  Click the game that you want and you will be switched over to its lobby where you can chat if you want.  For example, click Joint Operations.  Look toward the right-hand side and you will see the names of everyone in that particular network (including yourself)!

6. Now leave the Tunngle windows open and the program running and start your game program.

7. Start the game's LAN menu.

8. At the LAN menu, click Search and a list of LAN servers appears.

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