Open Source Software Programs

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Open Source Software Programs

Post  AKMARK5000 on Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:35 pm

Allot of people think "open source software" means "crappy low quality software". Well, that might have been true 10-20 years ago, but not today. Basically, it can be modified and edited by many talented people throughout the country and world. As a collective work, quality is most likely going to be built into the finished software program. Also, its updated and kept current more often than not. So, you'll probably have cutting edge technology. Best of all, it is like freeware... free download and free to use!

Here's some open source software that I use on a daily basis:

VLC Media Player - This multimedia player plays almost every video format out there... almost a suitable replacement for the Windows Media Player.

7ZIP - This compression utility opens zip archives much like the windows built-in decompression utility. However, 7ZIP can create zip archives also. It can handle a host of other compressed archive types such as rar archives.

Notepad++ - Notepad++ can be viewed like the Windows Notepad or in a line-by-line programmer's view. It features a spell-check, a highlighter tool, viewable tabs mode and more.

JDownlaoder - Pronounced "jay-download-er", this program simplifies downloading multiple files at one time. It offers downloading in multiple paraell streams, captcha recognition, automatic file extraction and much more.

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