Experiences in Alpha Prime

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Experiences in Alpha Prime

Post  AKMARK5000 on Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:05 pm

Alpha Prime is a fine example of a game poorly executed.  This 2007 game produces challenging enemy AI and the graphics look fairly good.  While the game does get better as playing it progresses, the atrocious voice acting is its ultimate downfall.  In my opinion, even based upon 2007 standards, the voice acting is laughable at best.

The Good: For a 2007 title, the game's enemy AI is quite good.  The maneuver around a lot and try to flank rather than run toward you.

The Bad: The graphics and environment look kind of bland and mediocre. There aren't many weapons and the eight or so that are weapons available seem underpowered, boring and flat sounding, but then again... 2007.

The Ugly: The voice acting is down right horrible. The physics or mechanic of picking up objects and putting them back down if an epic failure. The release date of 2007 is no excuse in this case since the mechanic of picking up objects was developed five years prior.

Please do not buy this game for more than one dollar. Unless you are looking for a game to mess around or experiment with, this is not for you.

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