Chrome and Firefox: Website Display Issue

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Chrome and Firefox: Website Display Issue

Post  AKMARK5000 on Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:08 am

Chrome and Firefox: Website Display Issue

The Issue 

Certain websites, such as banking/credit card websites, online store web sites, etc. etc. display incorrectly when I use my favorite web browsers; Chrome and Firefox. I had to use the infamous Internet Explorer web browser just to display and use these sites correctly.

The Resolution and Solution: 

Since 2011, I've used a web browser plugin that renders the Internet Explorer web browser graphics engine and some IE functionality right inside my favorite web browsers (Chrome and Firefox). 

The advantage:

The advantage is that you do not have to use a separate web browser anymore.  You can even set favorite websites to automatically open via IE tab!

Internet Exporer Tab TAB ==>

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