Experiences in Alien Rage Unlimited

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Experiences in Alien Rage Unlimited

Post  AKMARK5000 on Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:32 pm

This 2013 title found it's way into my STEAM Library in January 2015.  Don't let the age fool you, this first person shooter stands proud for what it is.  Like many old school style FPS's, Alien Rage Unlimited is simplistic.  The entire idea is to run around and shoot and destroy as may aliens as possible.  You get certain points for the way you kill aliens and cause destruction to their environment.  

Game Mechanics and Gameplay:  There's nothing unique or unexpected in this area... just like any first person shooter.

Scoreboard Statistics: At the end of each mission, you get summery and detailed statistics.

Weapons: Of course you get several weapons to reek havoc along the way to accomplishing your mission goals.  They are slick looking, loud, and satisfying to use.

Story: There's a story... although it is mediocre at best.  However, this game does what it does well.  A fantastic story is not required.

Graphics:  The graphics and sounds provide an immersive environment more so than several 2013 games.

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