Experiences in COD World at War

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Experiences in COD World at War

Post  AKMARK5000 on Wed Oct 29, 2014 3:59 pm

I've not been a fan of the Call of Duty game series since COD Modern Warfare.  The focus on a fast-paced multiplayer, absence of cooperative mode, kids, hackers and players so good because all they do is sit there and either cheat or play every day... all that turned me right off.

However, I realized that I missed out on the last Call of Duty that was actually good in my opinion.  Call of Duty: World At War is a 2008 released game.  Although the game mechanics are similar to the first COD: Modern Warfare, the story, weapons, and enemy are based upon World War II.    

Being an older game, COD World at War is priced fairly cheap depending where you buy it.  It is available on CD/DVD or as a digital download game.  The advantage of buying the digital version is pretty simple... any patches or upgrades are automatically applied!  That means no downloading patches (if you can find them).

Mine is from a STEAM sale ... because that's the way I roll baby !


=SOG= playing the game from my YouTube Channel (new ones added occasionally so check it now and again later):


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