Color In Map Names

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Color In Map Names

Post  AKMARK5000 on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:27 am

Lets say you have a great map. You want the map's title to stand out from the normal black and white. So, what's the deal? How do you go do it?

It has to do with hexadecimal values (red, blue, green). As you know, you name your map at the General Information Screen. Under Mission Name simply put a <C****> code. This works in DFX right through to Joint Ops and subsequent mods.

For example;

In the color chart that I use, you see colors and funny names and numbers... true green #00AF33. Take the characters after the score (number) symbol "#" and put capitol "C" in front and enclose the entire thing in angle/ankle brackets "< >".

So, the entire code in your map editor will look like:
<C00AF33> map name here

In the server or host map list and then on the game screen (not the loading screen) , it looks like:
map name here

*See for a full color chart that I use.

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