Experiences in Insurgeny (2014 Standalone Game)

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Experiences in Insurgeny (2014 Standalone Game)

Post  AKMARK5000 on Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:23 pm

Insurgency started as a Half Life 2 mod, but is now a standalone game that utilizes an upgraded and optimized Source Game Engine.  The video review covers more details, but here's a quick information list to help you decide whether or not to purchase.

1. Price Tag - The game is not expensive... STEAM carries it for $15... possibly less as time goes by or a STEM sale arrives.

2 Graphics - The game graphics are comparable to games like Joint Ops AW2, Delta Force 2 and War Thunder.

3. Complexity - While the realism can be compared to ARMA 3, the complexity cannot.  The keyboard commands are fairly simple to learn, but there are no cross-hairs! This is a good thing because the infamous "run and gun mentality" or "shoot from the hip" type player is a sever disadvantage.

4. Game-play modes - No, there isn't a Single-Player mode, but there is an honest to goodness Cooperative mode.  So, you can go into a COOP mode and fight computer generated AI alone or with up to 6 players (unofficially, 16 if set by the server).  Of course there is a multiplayer mode where players fight each other or fight in teams.

Insurgency Video Review:

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