BIN Files & Tools (BIN2TXT, TXT2BIN)

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BIN Files & Tools (BIN2TXT, TXT2BIN)

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BIN2TXT takes a BIN file and makes a text file that you can read and/or edit. TXT2BIN takes a text file and makes a BIN file that the game can read. The text file of a BIN is not just an average text (TXT) file. It contains some special codes. Without going into programming detail, it is just easy to say that you should use a template and edit it to your needs.

Get the BIN File Tools ==>

1. Below is a basic and simple template specific to cooperative maps ( yes, COOP and Single Player maps require different things). Select everything between the double lines, copy and paste into a word file or whatever file can reproduce the text in red (so you can edit). Just replace the names and sentences you want (in the template below the replaceable text in red), but be careful not to delete or replace the special codes or anything not red.

2. Done editing?... cut/paste into a plain text file and/or save as a .txt (make sure it's named the same as the other map file names).

3. Use BIN2TXT tool in order to convert it into a .bin file.


Title = "Big Bob's Map";
briefing = "Big Bob's Map
Date: August 2010<-co>

Situation and Mission Intel<-uco>
In order to feed their new followers, a local fanaticle religious cult is launching an attack on your food storage facility. The cult leaders are utilizing an old and forgotten teleport system. Defend the facility from incoming enemy forces.

- Most enemies respawn 2 times, white clothed Palace soldiers resawn 1 time
- Do not have to kill every enemy, killing enough required to open a teleporter
- Teleport yellow light is closed, green light is open
- Visit all 3 teleport areas... start with the leftside or rightside... does not matter!
- Teleporter leftside goes to grave area, rightside goes to oil area
- When first entering the grave area you can step back and teleport into a secret area.
- Middle teleport goes to the cult leader's palace area (must complete both grave and oil areas first)

Mapmaker:<-uco> Big Bob at";

STRNAME000 = "null";
STRNAME001 = "Friendly name 1";
STRNAME002 = "Friendly name 2";
STRNAME003 = "Friendly name 3";

LOCATION000 = "null";
LOCATION001 = "Named location 1";
LOCATION002 = "Named location 2";
LOCATION003 = "Named location 3";

STRWPNAME000 = "Null";
STRWPNAME001 = "Alpha";
STRWPNAME002 = "Bravo";
STRWPNAME003 = "Charlie";
STRWPNAME004 = "Delta";
STRWPNAME005 = "Echo";
STRWPNAME006 = "Foxtrot";
STRWPNAME007 = "Golf";
STRWPNAME008 = "Hotel";
STRWPNAME009 = "India";
STRWPNAME010 = "Joker";
STRWPNAME011 = "Kilo";
STRWPNAME012 = "Lima";
STRWPNAME013 = "Mike";
STRWPNAME014 = "November";
STRWPNAME015 = "Oscar";
STRWPNAME016 = "Papa";
STRWPNAME017 = "Quebec";
STRWPNAME018 = "Romeo";
STRWPNAME019 = "Sierra";
STRWPNAME020 = "Tango";
STRWPNAME021 = "Uniform";
STRWPNAME022 = "Victor";
STRWPNAME023 = "Whiskey";
STRWPNAME024 = "X-Ray";
STRWPNAME025 = "Yankee";
STRWPNAME026 = "Zulu";

STRWINCOND000 = "null";
STRWINCOND001 = "Eliminate all resistance";
STRWINCOND002 = "Find Intel Documents";
STRWINCOND003 = "Eliminate all weapon crates";
STRWINCOND004 = "Reach Final Waypoint";
STRWINCOND005 = "Destroy Technicals";
STRWINCOND006 = "Destroy Radio Equipment";
STRWINCOND007 = "Destroy command center";
STRWINCOND008 = "Destroy communication towers";
STRWINCOND009 = "Stop advancing troops";
STRWINCOND010 = "Eliminate all resistance at the objective";
STRWINCOND011 = "Eliminate enemy helicopters";
STRWINCOND012 = "Destroy weapon emplacements";
STRWINCOND013 = "Sink cargo ship";
STRWINCOND014 = "Destroy bridge";
STRWINCOND015 = "Eliminate perimeter patrols";
STRWINCOND017 = "Protect civilians";
STRWINCOND018 = "Protect your squad";
STRWINCOND019 = "Destroy Supply Trucks";
STRWINCOND020 = "Destroy crates at objective";
STRWINCOND021 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Alpha";
STRWINCOND022 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Bravo";
STRWINCOND023 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Charlie";
STRWINCOND024 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Delta";
STRWINCOND025 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Echo";
STRWINCOND026 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Foxtrot";
STRWINCOND027 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Golf";
STRWINCOND028 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Hotel";
STRWINCOND029 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint India";
STRWINCOND030 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Joker";
STRWINCOND031 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Kilo";
STRWINCOND032 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Lima";
STRWINCOND033 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Mike";
STRWINCOND034 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint November";
STRWINCOND035 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Oscar";
STRWINCOND036 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Papa";
STRWINCOND037 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Quebec";
STRWINCOND038 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Romeo";
STRWINCOND039 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Sierra";
STRWINCOND040 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Tango";
STRWINCOND041 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Uniform";
STRWINCOND042 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Victor";
STRWINCOND043 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Whiskey";
STRWINCOND044 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint X-Ray";
STRWINCOND045 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Yankee";
STRWINCOND046 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Zulu";
STRWINCOND047 = "Destroy Oil Tanks";
STRWINCOND048 = "Destroy Planes";
STRWINCOND049 = "Destroy SAMs";
STRWINCOND050 = "Destroy Communication Dishes";
STRWINCOND051 = "Destroy Fuel Trucks";
STRWINCOND052 = "Destroy Rockets";
STRWINCOND053 = "Destroy Enemy Convoy";
STRWINCOND054 = "Destroy Enemy Vehicles";
STRWINCOND055 = "Destroy Enemy Boats";
STRWINCOND056 = "Destroy Train";
STRWINCOND057 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Alpha";
STRWINCOND058 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Bravo";
STRWINCOND059 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Charlie";
STRWINCOND060 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Delta";
STRWINCOND061 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Echo";
STRWINCOND062 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Foxtrot";
STRWINCOND063 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Golf";
STRWINCOND064 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Hotel";
STRWINCOND065 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint India";
STRWINCOND066 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Joker";
STRWINCOND067 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Kilo";
STRWINCOND068 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Lima";
STRWINCOND069 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Mike";
STRWINCOND070 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint November";
STRWINCOND071 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Oscar";
STRWINCOND072 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Papa";
STRWINCOND073 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Quebec";
STRWINCOND074 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Romeo";
STRWINCOND075 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Sierra";
STRWINCOND076 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Tango";
STRWINCOND077 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Uniform";
STRWINCOND078 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Victor";
STRWINCOND079 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Whiskey";
STRWINCOND080 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint X-Ray";
STRWINCOND081 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Yankee";
STRWINCOND082 = "Destroy all targets at Waypoint Zulu";
STRWINCOND083 = "Protect Friendly Convoy";
STRWINCOND084 = "Protect Civilian Convoy";
STRWINCOND085 = "Protect Blue Targets";
STRWINCOND086 = "Protect General";
STRWINCOND087 = "Protect Hostages";
STRWINCOND088 = "Defend your Position";
STRWINCOND088 = "Defend your Base";
STRWINCOND089 = "Eliminate Commander";
STRWINCOND090 = "Eliminate Anti-Air Units";
STRWINCOND091 = "Eliminate Enemy Snipers";
STRWINCOND092 = "Eliminate Guards";
STRWINCOND093 = "Recover the case";
STRWINCOND094 = "Recover the laptop";
STRWINCOND095 = "Recover our vehicles";
STRWINCOND096 = "Find the list";
STRWINCOND097 = "Find the notebook";
STRWINCOND098 = "Rescue your teammates";
STRWINCOND099 = "Rescue the civilians";
STRWINCOND100 = "Head to Waypoint Alpha";
STRWINCOND101 = "Head to Waypoint Bravo";
STRWINCOND102 = "Head to Waypoint Charlie";
STRWINCOND103 = "Head to Waypoint Delta";
STRWINCOND104 = "Head to Waypoint Echo";
STRWINCOND105 = "Head to Waypoint Foxtrot";
STRWINCOND106 = "Head to Waypoint Golf";
STRWINCOND107 = "Head to Waypoint Hotel";
STRWINCOND108 = "Head to Waypoint India";
STRWINCOND109 = "Head to Waypoint Joker";
STRWINCOND110 = "Access Enemy Computer";
STRWINCOND111 = "Find passcode";
STRWINCOND112 = "Disable Security System";
STRWINCOND113 = "Collect all flags";
STRWINCOND114 = "Locate Command Center";
STRWINCOND115 = "Locate warehouse";
STRWINCOND116 = "Locate enemy hideout";
STRWINCOND117 = "Place bomb unnoticed";
STRWINCOND118 = "Head to target unnoticed";


Keep in mind that the above template is one of a few different
templates that are used... in other words others could be more complex or
allow for more customization.

As you can see, there is not a lot of room for the actual text that you type. So, I recommend keeping it short and to-the-point. If you exceed a certain amount of text, there's no warning. It may display fine when you test it locally on your computer. However, it will most likely get truncated or cut-off when displayed on a different server or computer.


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