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BMS2MIS Converter

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:51 am

Take any map that lacks the MIS file (only has a BMS file). When the BMS2MIS is used, a MIS file is formed, which is great. The downside that I've found is that labeling information is lost.

I downloaded one of my maps that only had a BMS file and some other files (no MIS file). I wanted to edit and modify it more. Thankfully I had Jackle's BMS2MIS Converter that is available at the DF Webport/download/utilities. But when I got the MIS file, all my events, groups, etc. etc. were no longer labeled as they were when I originally created the map.

The point is that if you obtain a map's MIS file via BMS2MIS, then be prepared to investigate and relabel everything.

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